Mama Ambassador

Mini and I found out at the beginning of the month that we had been chosen to participate in Sweetie Pie Organics’s first Mama Ambassador cycle of 2017. We had been chosen for a cycle for breastfeeding mamas last year, but we were ending our breastfeeding journey, much to my dismay, at that point. This time around is all about snacking which Mini is all about doing lately.

We were super excited to see our SPO box arrive on our doorstep today and couldn’t wait to check it out! It also just so happened it arrived shortly before we were heading out to the Greensboro Science Center, so we tucked a box of the Apple Tiny Wafers into the diaper bag for the trip.

Some Things We Love About the SPO Tiny Wafers:

  • Non GMO.
  • USDA organic.
  • Variety of flavors.
  • Great size.
  • Easy to chew. 
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives.
  • Three servings in each box.

Note for Allergy Parents: The wafers are made in a facility that uses eggs, milk powder, and nuts. This is stated very boldly on the packaging though.

They actually taste pretty good as far as baby snacks go. Yes, I’ve tried them all: a variety of puffs, fruit/veggie melts, etc. Don’t act like you haven’t either. And you should, if you’re willing to feed it to your child.

We’re so excited to get our Mama Ambassador journey started now! I’ve even added a coupon for my fellow mamas to give the snacks a try!