Review: NoseFrida



I won’t lie, my first reaction when my mom sent me the link to this was, “Ewww. No way!” I was not down with slurping out Mini’s snot. Yet, I got one at my baby shower and tucked it away in the medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom because why not?

Mini was born, and we left the hospital with that generic suction bulb that the nurse swore up and down was the end-all be-all of snot sucking devices. I stuck it in with all her other baby care items and went along with life.

Then, just after she hit three-month-olds, Mini got her first ear infection, and with it came a snot storm I could not even imagine. We tried the holy grail of snot suckers, the hospital bulb. Nope. We tried each bulb that came with what I like to call the Baby Care Starter Kit. You know, the little cutesy zip up bags with the nail clippers and combs and all that. Negative on all three counts. (Yes, I had three kits. One for her diaper bag, one for the bathroom, and one in her room. I was a little overprepared when it came to Stuff. Note the capital “S”.) I even went out and bought one made by NeilMed that was supposed to be super easy to clean so it wouldn’t get all gross and moldy. Also a no.

Finally, enough was enough. I had been through five different suction bulbs. F-I-V-E. I pulled that NoseFrida out and got it ready to go. And, sweet baby Jesus, my daughter HATED it, but I was in love. This thing was the legit holy grail of snot sucking devices. I will spare you pictures of the amounts of snot that vacated Mini’s nasal passages. My husband was not spared.

For those of you worried that NoseFrida will have you eating your kids boogers, it has a little sponge filter between the tubing and the snot containment tube that prevents this. The filter is supposed to be changed after each use according to the package. I admit, I only change it after each snot spell. That way it isn’t sitting in there being gross between colds. Works great for us.

It’s now been about half a year since we started using NoseFrida, and I still swear by it for all of Mini’s snot sucking needs.

Note: My endorsement of this product is not influenced at all by my Swedish heritage. 😆