Review: Nuby NanaNubs Massager

So when Mini hit the stage where anything in her hands HAD to go in her mouth and be nibbled upon — It didn’t matter if it was a paci, a toy, or even Mommy’s hair. In the mouth it went to receive a good gumming. — we tried a slew of teethers. Turned out she was very particular about teethers, which seemed odd because she showed no discrimination to objects not meant for her mouth. Such is the compulsion of babies, I suppose.

The folks at Nûby USA were nice enough to send out this cute little NanaNubs Massager for Mini to try for free in exchange for an honest review from Mommy. My review requirements were limited to Amazon, but I can’t help but talk about this cute, little faux fruit.

NanaNubs Product Description

As soon as the package arrived, I read over the papers and popped this little banana in the microwave sterilizer (Along with all the pump pieces I had been neglecting for far too long. So many pieces! O_o) and into Mini’s hands once it had cooled.

Mini had a super easy time grabbing on to this and chomping on the soft silicone. The massaging bristles seemed to really soothe her; which was great when I needed all of my fingers free of slobber. Not to mention, as stated above, the bristles gently cleaned her gums. That was a huge plus for Mommy who spends her days suctioning up spit as a dental assistant.

And Mini just looked so cute with her wee banana, although I might be slightly biased.


Regardless, I highly recommend this product and suggest you get one for the tiny human in your life post haste.