Mama Ambassador

Mini and I found out at the beginning of the month that we had been chosen to participate in Sweetie Pie Organics’s first Mama Ambassador cycle of 2017. We had been chosen for a cycle for breastfeeding mamas last year, but we were ending our breastfeeding journey, much to my dismay, at that point. This time around is all about snacking which Mini is all about doing lately.

We were super excited to see our SPO box arrive on our doorstep today and couldn’t wait to check it out! It also just so happened it arrived shortly before we were heading out to the Greensboro Science Center, so we tucked a box of the Apple Tiny Wafers into the diaper bag for the trip.

Some Things We Love About the SPO Tiny Wafers:

  • Non GMO.
  • USDA organic.
  • Variety of flavors.
  • Great size.
  • Easy to chew. 
  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives.
  • Three servings in each box.

Note for Allergy Parents: The wafers are made in a facility that uses eggs, milk powder, and nuts. This is stated very boldly on the packaging though.

They actually taste pretty good as far as baby snacks go. Yes, I’ve tried them all: a variety of puffs, fruit/veggie melts, etc. Don’t act like you haven’t either. And you should, if you’re willing to feed it to your child.

We’re so excited to get our Mama Ambassador journey started now! I’ve even added a coupon for my fellow mamas to give the snacks a try!


Review: NoseFrida



I won’t lie, my first reaction when my mom sent me the link to this was, “Ewww. No way!” I was not down with slurping out Mini’s snot. Yet, I got one at my baby shower and tucked it away in the medicine cabinet in the guest bathroom because why not?

Mini was born, and we left the hospital with that generic suction bulb that the nurse swore up and down was the end-all be-all of snot sucking devices. I stuck it in with all her other baby care items and went along with life.

Then, just after she hit three-month-olds, Mini got her first ear infection, and with it came a snot storm I could not even imagine. We tried the holy grail of snot suckers, the hospital bulb. Nope. We tried each bulb that came with what I like to call the Baby Care Starter Kit. You know, the little cutesy zip up bags with the nail clippers and combs and all that. Negative on all three counts. (Yes, I had three kits. One for her diaper bag, one for the bathroom, and one in her room. I was a little overprepared when it came to Stuff. Note the capital “S”.) I even went out and bought one made by NeilMed that was supposed to be super easy to clean so it wouldn’t get all gross and moldy. Also a no.

Finally, enough was enough. I had been through five different suction bulbs. F-I-V-E. I pulled that NoseFrida out and got it ready to go. And, sweet baby Jesus, my daughter HATED it, but I was in love. This thing was the legit holy grail of snot sucking devices. I will spare you pictures of the amounts of snot that vacated Mini’s nasal passages. My husband was not spared.

For those of you worried that NoseFrida will have you eating your kids boogers, it has a little sponge filter between the tubing and the snot containment tube that prevents this. The filter is supposed to be changed after each use according to the package. I admit, I only change it after each snot spell. That way it isn’t sitting in there being gross between colds. Works great for us.

It’s now been about half a year since we started using NoseFrida, and I still swear by it for all of Mini’s snot sucking needs.

Note: My endorsement of this product is not influenced at all by my Swedish heritage. ­čść

Fun for Baby

A Whole New World

Today marked a new chapter in Mini’s life. The chapter of swim diapers, splashing, and possibly swimmer’s ear in the future. 

We have a local aquatics center that has a semi-permanent roof and walls for the cold months. That simply means: warm/hellishly hot months=sunshine and suncreen, cold months=insane indoor humidity. But hey, we can swim year round. So anyway, I loaded up Mini, her newly acquired pool float, and two bags of random stuff I thought we’d need and met up with a friend and her two kids (ages 5 and 11 months) at the pool.

If Mini could have spoken when I first placed her in her float in that lukewarm water, I think she would have pulled a Queen Victoria and given us a heartfelt, “I am not amused.” Where are my Doctor Who fans at? Or, you know, just fans of the British monarchy. It didn’t take her long to realize the pool was basically a giant bath tub, which is probably her most favorite place ever. Unless there are puffs involved. Then homegirl heads to where the snacks are.

Things I learned from our first pool day:

  • Bring snacks! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Luckily, my friend had a bag of those baby Goldfish crackers. Total lifesaver.
  • Bring a stroller. I did not, and changing was definitely an issue. This will be a must from now on, so I can strap Mini in while I change. Or pee.
  • Lifeproof cases are amazing. I could snap pictures without worrying about the water. Note: The depth of the kiddie end of the pool we were at is only about 18 inches, but Lifeproof cases are submersible for up to an hour in depths up to 6.6ft/2m. I Googled it just for you.
  • Babies will sleep like champs after all the splashing and fun. Mini legit fell asleep before I finished buckling her in her car seat.
  • Skimpy tops are not proper mom attire. Not because I think you have to dress conservatively because you’re a mom. Babies are grabby and clothing gets pulled.

Review: Nuby NanaNubs Massager

So when Mini hit the stage where anything in her hands HAD to go in her mouth and be nibbled upon — It didn’t matter if it was a paci, a toy, or even Mommy’s hair. In the mouth it went to receive a good gumming. — we tried a slew of teethers. Turned out she was very particular about teethers, which seemed odd because she showed no discrimination to objects not meant for her mouth. Such is the compulsion of babies, I suppose.

The folks at N├╗by USA were nice enough to send out this cute little NanaNubs Massager for Mini to try for free in exchange for an honest review from Mommy. My review requirements were limited to Amazon, but I can’t help but talk about this cute, little faux fruit.

NanaNubs Product Description

As soon as the package arrived, I read over the papers and popped this little banana in the microwave sterilizer (Along with all the pump pieces I had been neglecting for far too long. So many pieces! O_o) and into Mini’s hands once it had cooled.

Mini had a super easy time grabbing on to this and chomping on the soft silicone. The massaging bristles seemed to really soothe her; which was great when I needed all of my fingers free of slobber. Not to mention, as stated above, the bristles gently cleaned her gums. That was a huge plus for Mommy who spends her days suctioning up spit as a dental assistant.

And Mini just looked so cute with her wee banana, although I might be slightly biased.


Regardless, I highly recommend this product and suggest you get one for the tiny human in your life post haste.

Mom Life

Welcome to #MomLife

Before I started my actual motherhood journey — You know, when the baby is actually out of your body. Not when you’re snapping weekly selfies of your swollen feet and puffy face gorgeous pregnancy glow and growing belly. — I thought I had this mom thing all figured out. I had lofty dreams of natural water birth, cloth diapers, and exclusively breastfeeding; just to name a few. A real Pinterest-worthy mom. Hah.

Welcome to mom life; where nothing ever really goes to plan. And yet, it is still so worth every ounce of spit up and moment of doubt and changed plan.


I am Mommy. A Florida born, North Carolina raised, geek and lover of animals, books, coffee, God, my husband, and my daughter. Not in that order. I am currently twenty-seven years young and coming to terms with this real world crap. Hello, mortgage payments, full-time work weeks, and trash cans overflowing with diapers. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. Unless we’re talking about paying fewer bills. I’m down for that.

Mini is a sassy, co-sleeping almost nine-month-old. Born May 23rd, 2016 weighing in at 7lbs 3oz of adorable. She enjoys water, giving extra drooly kisses, and relaxing jaunts in her LennyLamb. She had her first Harry Potter marathon at five-days-old, and is now a crawling machine. Especially in the direction of Daddy’s computer.

We share our home with aforementioned Daddy; a video gaming, disc golf playing, LCS-watching(#TSMwin) man whose looks make people think Mommy robbed the cradle. Seriously. I legit thought he was about twelve when I first met him. He was nineteen. We also coexist with two cats and two ferrets; all named after League of Legends champions.

So, yeah, that’s us in a nutshell. I’m excited to share my little piece of this crazy thing we call mom life with you.